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ENPAD actualities

How intersectionality of Racism and Sexism affects our Communities - 2016

by Jasmin Eding & Modupe Laja

1. ENPAD – A Movement by Jasmin Eding

Recently, while I surfed the Internet, I found an article dealing with how to establish a movement. The article showed the following:
“ … successful movements follow a predictable pattern:
1. A community forms around a common goal
2. The community mobilizes resources
3. The community finds solutions (what I call "fourth options")
4. The movement is accepted by (or actually replaces) the establishment “

ENPAD in Stockholm

I am excited to know how European Network for People of African Descent - ENPAD is growing as network, but we are also growing as individuals and as Black collective; on an intellectual, spiritual and political level: we are Black, and not scared to be political.

Latest video

ENPAD networking meeting Amsterdam ZuidOost


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