National call in the US: the UN International Decade for People of African Descent

As 2015 marked the beginning of the first ever International Decade for People of African Descent with this comes an unprecedented opportunity to advocate on a global stage for issues facing Black people and across the world.

Join us on June 19th -- Juneteenth -- at 7pm EST for a national call to find out  more   about the history and happenings of the Decade, how others are leveraging it and    how we might do the same, and have your  questions answered.

Please register at by June 16, 2019.

And please feel free to share this call and the attached flyer.

The call is sponsored by: US Human Rights Network, Black Women’s Blueprint,          NAACP Leadership Defense Fund, the Leadership Conference on Human Rights,        Black Voters Matter Fund, European Network of People of African Descent, Most          Influential People of African Descent, and Blackbird.

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