ENPAD and the OHCHR organise a meeting in Brussels to gather parliamentarians of African descent  to set up global caucus to accelerate the implementation of the UN Decade...

On the 25th of June in Brussels, the Federal Equal Opportunities Ministry launched the UN Decade in Belgium. Civil society payed tribute to Cécile Kyenge, Italy´s first Black Minister ...

On the 10th of May 2019, civil society from different regions gathered in Geneva in a one day consultation with Members States on the UN Permanent Forum for People of African Descent.

In the framework of the International Decade for people of African descent (2015-2024), we celebrate the International Day of Afro-Descendant Women on the 25th of July in Valencia, Spain!

Join us on June 19th -- Juneteenth -- at 7pm EST for a national call to find out more about the history and happenings of the Decade...We will have on board activists in Europe...

Sisterhood and Struggle: Writing Black Women’s Political Leadership 3 days of events with Dr. Carole Boyce Davies in Athens,  over the course of October 11, 12 and 13, 2019.


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